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At Onyx Spine and Orthopedic Institute, the framework of our practice is built on a model of efficient and comprehensive care.  We have a deep understanding that no two patients are alike, and as such, no two patients are alike.


With that said, our caring team will treat each patient individually.  What works for one patient may not produce the same results in a comparable case.   Thus, we take a comprehensive look at all contributing factors to develop an efficient plan to get you feeling your best.

Additionally, treatment does not mean we will automatically suggest surgery.  When indicated, we will choose the appropriate diagnostic tests and will work with multiple specialists as needed to provide you with treatment recommendations that align with your personal goals and our clinical findings.

When appropriate, we believe it is best to advise non-surgical management of the condition first.  Oftentimes, management of pain can be obtained through therapeutic measures like physical therapy, medications and corticosteroid injections.  When surgery is necessary, we employ leading-edge techniques and procedures that will lead to improved pain, and more importantly improved function.  Through appropriately chosen procedures, we can reduce both the emotional and physical impact these conditions can have on our patients and their families, and help them improve their quality of life.

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