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Each of your knee joints is cushioned by two c-shaped wedges of cartilage. The two cushions in each knee are called the "menisci." Individually, each cushion is called a "meniscus." Certain motions, such as twisting the knee, can cause a meniscus to tear. In many cases, a torn meniscus can be treated with arthroscopic surgery.




In preparation for the procedure, you are anesthetized. The surgeon creates a series of small openings in your skin. An arthroscope is placed through one of the openings. This is a viewing device that allows the surgeon to see inside your knee. More surgical instruments are placed through the other openings.




The surgeon carefully inspects your knee joint. If any loose fragments of tissue are found, they are removed. The surgeon evaluates your meniscus. In many cases, a torn meniscus can be repaired with sutures and anchors that secure it to the bone. If your meniscus is badly torn, or if the tear is in a part of the meniscus that is not likely to heal well, your surgeon may choose to remove the damaged portion.


End of Procedure and Aftercare:


When the procedure is complete, the openings in your skin are closed. Your knee is bandaged. You will be monitored for a brief time before you are allowed to go home. Your healthcare provider will give you instructions to help your recovery.

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