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If you have a joint problem, your surgeon may want to try arthroscopy. This lets your surgeon see inside your joint with a small, thin camera called an "arthroscope." It can be used on any joint, but let's see it in the knee.


To start, a large cut isn't needed to get into the joint. Instead, only a few small openings are made in your skin. The arthroscope is put through one. Surgical instruments can be put through the others.



The arthroscope sends images of the inside of your joint to a video screen. Fluid is put in your joint to help give a clear view. Your surgeon looks for damaged tissue and other problems. If a problem is found, the surgeon may fix it without making any new cuts in your skin. But sometimes the surgeon needs to make another incision to treat your joint.

End of Procedure:

When the surgeon is done, the openings are closed. Your skin is bandaged. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.

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