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This surgery fixes a damaged or diseased shoulder joint. The bad parts will be taken out and replaced with artificial parts. The new parts let your shoulder move smoothly.


To begin, you're given medicine to put you to sleep or to make you feel numb and relaxed. The surgeon makes a cut to get to your joint. The head of your upper arm bone is removed. That's the "ball" of your shoulder's ball-and-socket joint.

Implants Placed:

Now, the surgeon smooths and reshapes your shoulder socket. An artificial socket is fitted into place. Then, the end of your arm bone is reshaped. A metal stem is put into this bone, and a ball is placed on the stem. Finally, the ball is put into the new socket. Your shoulder joint is tested to make sure it works properly. Then, your incision is closed.

End of Procedure:

After the surgery, you're watched in a recovery room. Follow your surgeon's instructions as you heal.

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