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This surgery treats subacromial impingement. That's a pain you feel when you raise your arm. It happens when tendons in your shoulder press and rub against a part of your shoulder blade called the "acromion." This surgery is commonly done with the help of a special camera called an "arthroscope."



To start, you are given medicine to make you feel numb and relaxed or to put you to sleep. A few small openings are made in your skin. Your surgeon puts the arthroscope into one. Small instruments can be put in the others.



With the help of the arthroscope, your surgeon inspects the joint. Your acromion is reshaped. This gives your tendons more space. Damaged tissues are removed or repaired. Sometimes, your surgeon needs to make a larger incision during the operation.


End of Procedure and Aftercare:

When the surgery is done, the openings in your skin are closed. You are watched closely for a brief time while you wake up, then you can go home. You may wear a sling for a few days as you recover. Your doctor will give you tips to help your recovery.

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