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This surgery repairs a tear of the rotator cuff in your shoulder. The rotator cuff is group of muscles and tendons. It holds the head of the humerus in the shoulder socket.


In preparation for the procedure, you lie on your back. You are anesthetized. The surgeon makes a few small openings in your skin. An arthroscopic camera is inserted through one of the openings. This lighted camera displays a video image on a monitor. Surgical instruments are inserted through the other openings.

Correcting Issues:

Your surgeon carefully inspects your shoulder. If loose fragments of tendon or other debris are found, they are removed. Your surgeon may also remove bone from the underside of the acromion (a bony projection of the scapula). This will prevent the acromion from pinching the rotator cuff.


Repairing the Tear:

Next, the surgeon repairs the tear. A tear can be repaired in several different ways. Your surgeon may use sutures, anchors or other devices, depending on your needs. If your rotator cuff is severely torn, your surgeon may need to make a small incision in your skin during this part of the procedure.


End of Procedure:

When the procedure is complete, the openings in your skin are closed. Your arm may be placed in a sling. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to help your recovery. As your shoulder heals, you may benefit from physical therapy.

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