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This surgery repairs a severe separation injury of the AC joint in your shoulder. This is where your clavicle meets your scapula. With a severe separation injury, the ligaments that connect these bones are torn. The clavicle shifts out of position.




In preparation for the procedure, you are anesthetized. A small incision is created to allow the surgeon to inspect your AC joint.




There are several options for repairing a separated AC joint. Your surgeon may choose to insert a temporary screw into your shoulder. This realigns and anchors your clavicle. The ligaments can then be repaired with sutures. The screw will be removed during a follow-up procedure. If this method is not the best for your needs, your surgeon may choose a different technique. Pins, straps, anchors or tendon grafts can be used to repair the joint.


End of Procedure:


After the surgery, your shoulder is placed in a sling. Your surgeon will give you instructions to help your recovery. You may benefit from physical therapy as your shoulder heals.

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