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This surgery treats patellar tracking disorder. It corrects the position of your patella. That's the bone we call the "kneecap."




To begin, you're put to sleep. Or, you're given medicine to make you feel relaxed and numb. We make an incision to reach your knee joint.


Freeing the Tibial Tubercle:


To realign your kneecap, we need to adjust your tibia. That's the large bone of your lower leg. On the front of this bone is the tibial tubercle. It's the bony bump you feel at the top of your shin. It's where the patellar tendon attaches. The other end of the patellar tendon attaches to the base of your kneecap. We make a cut in the tibia to free the tibial tubercle.




Now, we shift the tibial tubercle and the attached tendon. Moving it over corrects the kneecap's alignment. Then we secure the tibial tubercle. If needed, we'll adjust ligaments on the sides of your knee.




When it's done, we close and bandage your skin. Follow your surgeon's instructions for a safe recovery.

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