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With this surgery, we treat a knee that has early stage arthritis on only one side. We shift your body's weight to the healthier side of your knee. This relieves pain and improves your knee's function.




To begin, we give you medicine to put you to sleep. We make an incision to reach the tibia. That's the large bone of your lower leg. We make a cut in this bone below the damaged side of the knee joint.


Shifting the Knee's Weight:


Now we spread apart the tibia at the cut. This creates a wedge-shaped space in the bone. It changes how your lower leg lines up with your knee. It shifts your body's weight from the bad side of your knee to the healthy side. We fill the open space with bone graft and secure the upper and lower parts of the tibia. Over time, new bone will grow between them, locking them together.


End of Procedure:


When we're done, we close and bandage your skin. You're watched for a brief time as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's instructions for a safe recovery.

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