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This surgery corrects an unstable ankle. It tightens one or more ligaments that support your ankle. It helps people who've had repeated ankle sprains. It can also help people who have certain foot deformities.




To begin, you are anesthetized. Most patients are put to sleep. An incision is made on the outer side of your ankle. The surgeon examines your ligaments and looks for problems. The ligaments may be torn or stretched. There are many ways to repair these ligaments. Your surgeon chooses the repairs that are right for you.




Stretched ligaments may be shortened. To do this, a ligament is cut from the bone, trimmed and then reattached with anchors. Damaged ligaments are repaired and strengthened with sutures, with other tissues or with synthetic materials.


End of Procedure:


When the surgery is finished, the opening in your skin is closed and bandaged. Your ankle is protected with a splint. You're watched for a brief time as you wake up. Then, you can go home. You'll come back later, and your ankle will be put in a cast or a boot. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.

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